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Hypersonic complex "Dagger" X-47M2 hurts the self-esteem of the USA 

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"Dagger" badly beats the self-esteem of the USA 

Russia conducted a series of successful tests of the "Dagger" complex and began to adapt it for installation on a bomber. This is reported by US intelligence, according to which the combat application of the Dagger will begin in 2020. Earlier in the  US , it was argued that the "Dagger" does not apply to hypersonic weapons at all, and instead of it, it is more effective to use cruise missiles. Why is the attention of Americans focused on the "Dagger"?

The American television channel CNBC, citing sources in the US intelligence service, reported on 12 successful tests of the Russian aerial ballistic missile "Dagger" on MiG-31 fighters. Now the adaptation of the missile to a bomber began (this should be the Tu-22M3, which can carry up to four "Daggers" instead of one on the MiG). The last three successful tests took place in July, when the missile struck the target at a distance of about 800 kilometers. The complex will be ready for combat use by 2020.

These missiles are capable of hitting enemy aircraft carriers, cruisers, frigates and destroyers. The range of the "Dagger" in 2 thousand kilometers relieves the carrier aircraft from the need to enter the zone of action of enemy air defense. Hypersonic speed (10 times faster than sound) allows the rocket to quickly approach the target, and the ability to maneuver intensively, bypassing dangerous zones, makes it invulnerable to air defense and missile defense systems. CNBC notes that in the United States now there is no means of protection against the "Dagger".

The world first learned about the "Dagger" from the March message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. In addition to the "Dagger", they talked about the latest Russian armaments such as the Sarmat missile system, the cruise missile with the nuclear power plant Burevestnik, the strategic missile system Avangard, the underwater drones Poseidon and laser weapons.

However, the first estimates in the West were skeptical. The American authoritative edition The National Interest claimed that the Dagger does not belong to hypersonic weapons at all because of the lack of a ram jet engine, so the missile is allegedly a type of aeroballistic ammunition of the Iskander ground complex on solid fuel and controlled throughout the flight.

The publication also claimed that only Russia was developing such missiles. However, China (CH-AS-X-13) and  Israel (Rampage) possess aeroballistic missiles . However, the publication of War Is Boring expressed doubts about the applicability of aerial ballistic missiles. The publication believes that it is possible to hit a wide range of distant targets with the help of existing cruise missiles.

However, the  Pentagon repeatedly expressed fears that the US has no way to intercept hypersonic missiles. In particular, this was pointed out by the head of the Strategic Command of the US Defense Ministry, General John Hayten . In addition, the media reported on the problems of US missile defense systems: thus, according to The New York Times , in 2017 in  Saudi Arabia , the Patriot missile system could not intercept the tactical ballistic missile R-11 (Scud), developed in the middle XX century.

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Sociology, RAS. Plekhanov, a member of the expert council of the "Officers of Russia" Alexander Perendzhiev was not at all surprised that the Americans, who initially disparagedly spoke about the new Russian weapons, now speak of it in a completely different manner and do not call fake.

He called the primary assessments of Americans fantasies to discredit Russian military developments. However, the mere fact that the Americans immediately began to write about these weapons, pointed to the technological breakthrough achieved by Russia, "which is badly struck by the self-esteem of the United States."

"New weapons systems completely deprive Washington of the possibility of military domination in the world. Americans are gradually beginning to realize this. Particularly draws attention to the fact that the failed tests were more talked about by politicians, and the military kept silent, "Perendzhiev told VZGLYAD .

He recalled that at one time the US critically spoke about the cruise missiles Caliber, but doubts ended when they were dealt the first blow to the positions of terrorists in  Syria . "Russia is not going to argue in every possible way the Americans in words that it has the most modern weapons. We will continue to deal with our business, and when we have to hit, we will hit and they will be convinced that it is working, "the expert said.

According to him, Russia was even profitable game of Americans, who initially were not serious about the same "Dagger".

"In fact, the US poured water on our mill. It turned out that they conducted an information cover for our military power, carrying out misinformation of the Western community and themselves, in fact. But there was a sharp insight and then they began to write about successes, realizing that the Russians are really growing stronger. They realized that Russia did not intend to prove with foam at the mouth how powerful a weapon it has, "the expert believes, adding that reports of the successful tests of the Dagger are only beneficial to Russia, since the Americans are engaged in informational promotion of Russian weapons for the whole the world, creating him free advertising. 

Source: rambler.ru

Jumping the Gun: US Media Report Successful Test of Russia's Hypersonic Missile

Russia has been developing a hypersonic missile the United States is currently unable to defend against, according to sources with direct knowledge of US intelligence reports.

According to CNBC, Russia has tested the weapon, dubbed "Kinzhal," 12 times on MiG-31 fighters. The last successful test was carried out earlier this month against a target nearly 800 kilometers (500 miles) away.

The Kinzhal missile, whose name is aptly translated from Russian as Dagger, is a lethal weapon when used against enemy aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers.

According to official information from the Russian Defense Ministry, the Kinzhal missile can travel at 10 times the speed of sound and overcome all existing missile defense systems to take conventional charges up to 2,000 kilometers (1,242 miles) away.
There is a battery of Kinzhal missiles currently deployed in a test mode in Russia’s Southern Military District.

At present there has been no mention in the Russian media about the successful test of a Kinzhal missile referred to by CNBC.

Earlier, a source in Russia’s defense industrial complex told Sputnik that the missile is also now being adapted for use on Tu-22M3 strategic bombers.

During his state-of-the-nation address on March 1, President Vladimir Putin unveiled a bevy of unique Russian weapons which, besides the Kinzhal missiles, also feature Sarmat ICBMs, Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missiles and laser weapons.

He also said that Russia was developing a hypersonic intercontinental missile that would be capable of flying at low altitudes at more than 20 times the speed of sound. Source: sputniknews.com

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