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Japan F-2 fighter replacement program in doubt at concerns to the program’s cost


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F2 fighter successor "too high" international collaborative development to dark cloud

The route of the Defense Ministry, which has been searching for Japan-led international collaborative development around the successor of the Air Self Defense Force F2 fighter aircraft is shaking. Lockheed Martin's development proposal, which is regarded as a big favorite, is more expensive than it is supposed to be due to the fact that doubts have begun to rise in terms of cost effectiveness.

 ◆ Forecast is 15 billion yen

 About 90 aircraft are now deployed F2 will start retiring from around 2030. Since it takes about 10 years to develop fighter aircraft, the Ministry of Defense intends to specify concrete development policy at the end of the year at the end of the year for the mid-term defense capability development plan (medium term preventable, 19 to 23).

 The successor candidate is a high-performance stealth machine with F35's electronic equipment based on the air fighter 's F - 22 fighter' s aircraft <1> Boeing US utilizing sky 's main fighter F15 technology Three plans of the company plan <3> UK BAE Systems' scheme to utilize the technology of the typhoon fighter "Typhoon" are emerging. Joint development with Japan is the premise.

 In the three plans, the Lockheed draft is outstanding due to stealthiness and flight performance, and the Ministry of Defense has been looking forward from the information gathering stage. However, according to the official proposal Lockheed showed on the 13th, the price per machine was over 20 billion yen, the forecast by the Ministry of Defense, which was considered to be 15 billion yen, and the price of F35 (about 13.1 billion yen) introduced by the sky, Significantly higher than the results. A senior official of the Ministry of Defense says, "It's too expensive, I can not accept it as it is."


The F-22 with F-35 electronics proposed by LM is over 20 billion yen ($177 million) more expensive than the advertised price for an F-35 

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