Wednesday, 23 May 2018

First stage of certification for Tu-210ON to take place in Kubinka

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First stage of certification for Tu-210ON with new Russian-made surveillance equipment is to take place in Kubinka on May 21-29. It was announced by Sergei Ryzhkov, the Chief of the National Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre.

This event is to be held under the Treaty on Open Skies and is a preliminary demonstration of the technical capabilities of the aircraft and surveillance equipment. Representatives of 20 states-participants from Europe, USA and Canada will take part in the event.

The Russian Federation is the only state from 34 members that uses digital aerial cameras under the Treaty. It is more than three years now since the Russian Ministry of Defence has been actively using surveillance aircraft An-3OB and Tu-154M Lk-1 with digital equipment to make sorties over European countries, the USA and Canada.

Commissioning of the Tu-214ON surveillance aircraft is part of work aimed at introducing modern optoelectronic surveillance systems in the Treaty.

It is to be stressed that the Tu-214ON could be used both in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defence and national economy as well (it can provide environmental monitoring of environment, prevent industrial disasters and keeping track of emergencies).

On developing and modernizing the Treaty, the Russian Federation once again reaffirms its adherence to its fundamental principles and the interest in its long-term and effective functioning.

During the preliminary certification at Kubinka airfield, foreign specialists will see design features of the Tu-214ON aircraft on ground and in the air. Other procedures under the Treaty will also take place.

Moreover, foreign inspectors will be able to learn in details about the ground-based complex for processing digital information and will have the opportunity to meet with the developers of the aircraft and surveillance equipment. This will allow resolving all technical and procedural issues that our foreign colleagues may have.

The results of this international event will become the basis for main inspection of the Tu-214ON aircraft, scheduled for September this year.


Tu-214ON (Open Skies) Reconnaissance Aircraft: Details

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