Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ilyushin and TsAGI started work to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the Il-276

Ilyushin and TsAGI started purging the model of the promising Il-276

Aviation complex. S.V. Ilyushin and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. NOT. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) agreed a program of joint work to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the prospective medium military transport aircraft IL-276, during which it will be specified its external appearance, the press service of the Transport Aviation Division of PJSC UAC

"At the present time, a full model airplane with a smooth and mechanized wing has already been purged on cruising flight regimes, as well as in simulated take-off / landing. During the tests, aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft were obtained, which confirmed the correctness of the chosen wing scheme. Thus, it will be recommended for further work on the design of the IL-276, "said Pavel Cherenkov, First Deputy General Director of Ilyushin.

During the next stage of purging, the optimal sweep and the mechanization of the wing will be determined. "Designers" Ilyushin "will" squeeze "of the proposed scheme of the wing all possible lift and maximum aerodynamic quality. Our goal is to create a more technologically advanced wing with less weight, "Cherenkov explained.

IL-276 is a project of a twin-engine medium military transport aircraft that provides transportation of a wide range of cargoes up to 20 tons in weight at a distance of 2000 km at a speed of 800 km / h. It is envisaged that the aircraft can be operated from high-altitude airfields and based on artificial and subterranean runways in various geographic and climatic conditions, at any time of the day, in simple and difficult weather conditions.


The program was initially a joint project with India known as  Il-214 and MTA however, in January 13, 2016 TASS reported 

"The Russian-Indian joint project for the creation of a military transport plane has been frozen, CEO of the Ilyushin company Sergey Velmozhkin told reporters on Wednesday.

"It has been frozen as a joint Russian-Indian project," the Ilyushin CEO said, commenting on the development of the plane that is also known as  Il-214 and MTA."

Wind tunnel testing - TsAGI

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