Friday, 15 June 2018

Royal Thai Air Force celebrate F-16 30th anniversay

Royal Thai Air Force F-16 - BATTLEFIELD DEFENSE YouTube

Published on Jun 14, 2018
30 ปี บข.19/ก(F-16) "แสนยานุภาพเหนือน่านฟ้าไทย"

Published on Jun 13, 2018
สวยสู่เวหา! ครบรอบ 30 ปี ฝูงบิน F 16 โชว์บินสวนสนามสุดอลังการ | Springnews

Our F-16s are going to be retired soon I hope the RTAF will make a wise choice on the planes that will replace them.  We are still short of 6 Gripen not including the one that crash.  Our neighbors operate the Su-30s (Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia) the only solution are the Su-30SM, Su-35 or Gripen C/D that would be around $60 - $100 million range.  The F-16V and Gripen E/F are both $150 million which would tear a big hole in RTAF budget.  If I were to chose I would pick the Su-35 as the replacement fighter and customize them with western avionics.

F-16 Fighting Falcon: Details

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